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IceClan rests just off the boundery of ThunderClan, Moon Pool and WindClan, against the mountains.  There is a stream that goes through the territory and dense forests on either side that thin out towards the camp.  The camp is a clearing surrounded thickly by large trees and a bramble wall to help prevent attacks.  Some of the camp rests against the mountain with dens that lead into large caverns within the mountain wall.
Map of IceClan Territory by IceClan01
=Map of IceClan Camp by IceClan01
Leader's Den- The leaders den is underneith the HighStone (A place where the leader holds meetings and ceramonies).  The entrence is a large crack in the rocks, which leads to a hollowed out cave.  Some of the dirt has been dug out of the bottom to make the den larger.

Medicine Cat's Den- The medicine cat's den is another cave hollowed out of a large pile of stones.  Another smaller den has been hollowed out and connected to the main den to become the medicine cat's supplies.  The dirt place rests just behind this den.

Warriors Den- The warriors den is a large cavern within the side of the mountain.  It has a thin tunnel leading to the apprentice den.  Because this cavern is so large, there is also a small water source within it where the medicine cat gets her water.

Apprentice Den- This is a smaller den within the side of the mountain.

Elder's Den- The elder's den is hiding within a hollowed out bush.  It has soft moss layered on the bottom of it.

Nursery- The nursery is just across the elder's den in a large hollowed out bush.  It is closest to the warriors den, so it can be protected if the camp was ever attacked.
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