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Here, I will be showing a list of the language and terms clan cats use.

●Touching noses - "I like you!"
● Lick on the cheek - "I really like you."
● Lick on the ear - Comforting.
● Lick on forehead  - "I love you!" / "Will you be my mate?"
● Brushing tail on back or flank - Calming.
● Lick under/on belly  - "I want kits."
● Touching nose to cheek  - "I'm happy for you" / Comforting.
● Nuzzle  - Comfort / "You're hilarious!" (The second is for mates)
● Touch nose to cheek - "I'm glad you're here." (For lovers)
● Lick own chest fur  - To hide embarrassment.
● Lick on the shoulder  - Respect.
● Lick on the tail  - "Will you be my mate?"
● Lick on the paw - "You are my friend!"
● Lick below the chin - "I want you forever!"
● Lick on the nose - "Do you want to play?"
● Rubs tail anywhere - Flirty, comforting or curious.
● Rubbing against you - "I like you." / "Don't worry." / "I love you."
● Licking constantly  - Cleaning.
● Flat ears -  "Back off!"
● Bares teeth - "Get away from me!"
● Lunging at you - "Back off now!"
● Roll on your back - "You are stronger than me, I respect you."
● Tail tucked - Scared.
● Growling/Hissing/Spitting - Angry or accenting

Tail Signals:

Tail Held Erect - Stop.
Tail Rippling - Move forward, with care.
Tail Held Erect and Sweeping from side to side  - Retreat Silently.
Tail Pointing Low, Parallel to ground, and sweeping  - Spread Out.
Tail Bobbing - Enemy Sighted.
Tail Hooked  - Danger.
Tail Pointed - Go That Way.
Tail held Erect and waving from side to side  - Stay Behind Me.
Tail Kinked over Back  - Follow Me.


:bulletred: Mouselength - About an inch
:bulletred: Kittenstep - Less than an inch
:bulletred: Rabbitlength/Taillength - About a foot
:bulletred: Foxlength - About a yard

Times and Seasons:

:bulletred: Leaf-bare - Winter
:bulletred: Newleaf - Spring
:bulletred: Greenleaf - Summer
:bulletred: Leaf-fall - Fall
:bulletred: Quarter-moon - A week
:bulletred: Moon - A 28-day period (one full moon to another), A month
:bulletred: Moonhigh - Midnight
:bulletred: Sunhigh - Moon

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July 24, 2013


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